Liberty Seasonal/ Holiday Box Subscription - Quarterly

Liberty Seasonal/ Holiday Box Subscription - Quarterly

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Liberty Seasonal/ Holiday Box Subscription: (please read carefully and contact us if you have questions)

Your subscription will include 4 boxes themed around Seasons/ Holidays. There will be a Valentines/Spring Box, Summer Box, Fall Box, and a Christmas Box. Each year we include the entire Christmas collection from Liberty which varies in size. It has been as few as 8 prints and as many as 19. The other boxes will have a selection of 12 prints from the special capsule collections that are released in each season. The price for the Christmas Box will vary depending on the number of prints we don't know what it will be in advance. 

At check out you will be charged $20 as a non-refundable registration fee. The $20 will be subtracted from your total on your first delivery which will be charged approximately 30 days prior to the box shipping. You may cancel anytime after your first delivery. 

Christmas Box Prices Vary depending on the number of prints but will most likely be close to the range below. 

The other three boxes will range depending on the notions included:

Sixteenths $99 - $130

Eighths $129 - $160

Quarters $189 - $210

(the difference in price is just the price of the fabric)

**Pre-Registration Fees are non-refundable