Hexie To-Go-Go Pre-Cut 1 inch Liberty Tana Lawn© Hexagon Club

Hexie To-Go-Go Pre-Cut 1 inch Liberty Tana Lawn© Hexagon Club

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Wake me up before you go sew, don't leave me hanging 'round sewing yo-yos.

The Liberty Tana Lawn© hexies are pre-cut for you and the package comes with all the pre-cut papers you need to just grab and go sew a-go-go.

Here are all the details:

Each package comes with:

  • 72 Liberty Tana Lawn© Hexagons in multiples of 6 each of 12 prints (so you can make flowers) there are enough for 12 flowers if you use your own stash for centers or 10 flowers if you don't.
  • 100 Pre-cut papers (28 extra) so you can use some of your stash for the flower centers or whatever you like :)
  • ++ A fun postcard pattern included each month.

If you would like a starter kit for EPP you can find that here: Starter Kit it has all the things you need to get started with EPP.

(Image is just a representation your actual fabrics will be different)

Your first hexie pack will ship right away. After your first payment your payment date will be changed to the first of the month and all subsequent payments will occur on the 1st of the month. Hexie packs will ship between the 3rd and 5th of each month. You can cancel anytime before the 25th of each month.