Tech Recommendations

Tech Recommendations (Some of the links are affiliate links):



A Smart Phone (Don't think I need to make a recommendation here but I am personally wishing for an iPhone 11)

Free editing Software iMovie and inShot can be downloaded from the App store

Tripod or mount for your phone: This is my favorite

Good Light from a Window or a Ring Light if you can afford a little more. This is the one I use.


One Step Up:

Boom Style Tripod/Mount This is where you can get the one Amy recommended

Lavalier Microphone for your phone or camera

Professional lights these are the ones I have


Almost Pro

DSLR Camera this is what I have

Professional Editing Software I use Adobe Premiere Rush which is not the pro version it is easier to learn and does everything I need. It is included in the Adobe Suite that I pay monthly for.

Photo editing software if you want to create nice beginning and ending cards for your videos. I use Photoshop also included in the Adobe Suite but you can use free ones like Canva as well

Streaming Hardware for your DSLR This will allow you to keep filming instead of the camera turning off on you because it doesn't recognize that you are streaming.